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BioImages is BCA’s annual competition showcasing the beauty and complexity of medicine and science through the eyes of professional photographers, videographers and illustrators. The quality of their work reflects how much they love what they do and sharing with it others. Learn more about how the image was made and about the person who made it.

Wound Photography Tips

May 3, 2022

Julia Serat Clinical photographic documentation of a wound by a skilled medical photographer is an effective way for…

Patient Photography: Tips for Working with Children and Families

May 3, 2022

Cynthia Brodoway and Pam Kleinsasser Working with patients can be a rewarding and challenging experience for a medica…

A Revolutionary Approach to Lighting

May 3, 2022

Joseph Kane "Don't shoot 'till you see the whites of their eyes" was a battle cry from the American Revolutionary War…

Photographing Child Abuse Cases

May 3, 2022

Stéphane Dedelis For medical photographers, the most complex and exacting photographs to be taken are those of…

Surgical Photography Tips

May 3, 2022

Nathan Pallace Nathan Pallace is a photographer in Media Support Services at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Ari…

Metadata - Protecting Copyright in Digital Images

May 3, 2022

Tonya Hines, CMI Think of metadata as a digital business card that you embed in the images you create. As your file t…

A Primer for Photographing Snowflakes

May 3, 2022

Michael Peres, RBP, FBCA Photographing snowflakes has become a winter past time [for obvious reasons] and began at th…