Who We Are

The BioCommunications Association, Inc. is an international professional association of photographers, designers, illustrators, and videographers working in visual communications for the life sciences. Founded at Yale University in 1931 as the Biological Photographic Association, today's BioCommunications Association promotes the highest standards of education, performance, and professionalism. Members are from health care, universities, research institutions and private industry throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Australia. BCA is the oldest organization devoted to the development of visual communication material in the biological sciences.

Annual Meeting

BIOCOMM is the annual meeting of the BioCommunications Associations. It is held once a year in North America. It covers several days of seminars, workshops, a juried exhibition of work and business meetings of the association. Commercial representation and sponsorship provides members with updates on media technology.

Regional Meetings

Groups or Chapters hold smaller meetings at various locations throughout the Unites States and Canada to provide members and non-members the opportunity to learn through lectures and hands-on demonstrations. Corporate representation occurs at these meetings.


BCA established the Registered Biological Photographer program and has also developed the Certification in Total Body Mapping to meet the growing need to establish credentials for people documenting possible skin cancers.


The BioCommunications Association funds special projects through the Endowed Fund for Education. Grants are available to members and non-members.


BCA hosts an email listserv known as BCAtalk that is open to members and non-members to exchange information on techniques, products, and general networking.


The Journal of Biocommunication is an electronic journal published online, three times a year, with the BioCommunications Association, Association of Medical Illustrators, and the Association of BioMedical Communications Directors. The BCAnews is published several times a year to keep members up to date on BCA and the activities of its members.