- BIOCOMM 2009



Park City, UT
July 26 – 31, 2009

Meeting Highlights

The 79th BIOCOMM conference in Park City Utah was a gathering of 50 plus creative minds from around the world sharing information and experiences in their quest to utilize visual techniques to help explain the complex world of medicine and science. Park City was a lovely mountain Mecca for this bunch of visual enthusiasts! The meeting covered a rich variety of topics including photography, software, the latest in visual capture and best business practices. Thanks to all who contributed their time and talent to make this meeting the best ever! Special thanks to Brian Demings, Tom Bednarek, Adam Cooper, Sue Loomis, David Freeman, Jim Koepfler, and Nancy Hurtgen who contributed long hours to ensure that the 79th meeting fulfilled a promise for a great meeting and left us saturated with ideas and enthusiasm to take back home.

A visual salon is the best and most direct way to pull in an audience and the conference swung into motion with a buffet dinner and the BioImages awards. Congratulations to Adam Cooper, 1st place winner in the BioImages annual competition. The BioImages salon is a tradition that speaks to each and every photographer about what we’ve accomplished and where we’ll look to in the future. All winners and every entry accepted to hang in the salon is on the BCA website.

To keep the visuals and information flowing, three days of presentations followed. Photographers and media specialists exchanged techniques with Dr. David Teplica, a plastic surgeon and fine art photographer who delivered the Maria Ikenberg Linderg Keynote Address on the valuable data that is achieved through standardized medical photography. Peter Vint, PhD, Senior Sport Technologist, United States Olympic Committee presented the Anne Shiras Pioneer Members Lecture, “In Pursuit of Olympic Excellence”. Peter was just as interested in hearing photography techniques from the audience as the audience was in learning about sport training visual technologies. Colin Fleming from Adobe gave the best ever CS4 and Lightroom 2 presentations. All the sponsors; Adobe, Nikon, Olympus, Wacom, Revolabs, DigitalDerm, NILMDTS, Calumet, Peachpit, 3dMD and Vesalius Trust provided excellent support, presentations, food, lively discussions about new techniques, gadgets galore and more food.

Chip Hedgcock won the vote for Best Oral Paper for “Illustrating Choices at a Pollinators Buffet”. Chip illustrated how he recreated a natural environment in a studio and populated it with pollinating moths. Easy to stage and photograph pollinating flying moths? No! Excellent results, yes!

Congratulations to Steven J. Harrison, PhD, CMI, FBPA, the 2009 recipient of the Louis B. Schmidt Award. Nancy Hurtgen received the Ralph Creer Service Award for her years of service and loyalty to the association. Lewis Parrish, FBCA was honored with Fellowship. A President’s Award went to well deserving Jim Fosse for his inspiration and support of the BCA Webinars. Gene McDermont, RBP, FBPA was honored with Emeritus Membership.

To wrap it up, several inspired energetic photographers headed for Moab, Utah to meet with Bill Fortney for the post-meeting workshop. They spent the three gorgeous days exploring, photographing and critiquing their images. Photos galore will tell the story of the days spent in Park City.

Once again, a quote from Frank Cost, Professor at the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, RIT, “A photo may freeze a moment in time but photography isn’t just about a single image, it’s a series of moments that creatively expresses our experiences."