- BIOCOMM 2007



Tucson, AZ
July 22 – 27, 2007

Meeting Highlights

BIOCOMM 2007, the 77th annual meeting of the BioCommunications Association, was held in Tucson, AZ, July 22-27, 2007. The meeting promised a hot time in a picture perfect region of the Southwest and the promise was delivered.

The scientific program began with keynote speaker, Jack Dykinga, a native of Arizona. He shared stories and his experiences with photography and seeing the beauty of landscapes and documentary photojournalism. Attendees were truly inspired by his message to “feel the light”. The next four days were filled with presentations, workshops and city outings. Presentation topics covered included podcasting, forensic photography, photoshop, color perception, publication image ethics, info-share and show-us-your-stuff. The scientific program concluded with the Anne Shiras Pioneer Lecture given by Richard McNeely, Director of Biomedical Communications at the University of Arizona. Richard co-founded the Arizona Telemedicine Program and he gave an inspiring story for meeting the challenges and staying ahead in the business of BioCommunications.

The meeting also gave participants an opportunity to engage themselves in some wonderful places that Tucson has to offer including an afternoon at the Center of Creative Photography. Workshops were held at the University of Arizona and included hands on Adobe CS3 with Adobe experts, Lynn Grillo and Ashley Manning. Two off site workshops were held just a few miles outside of Tucson at the Sonoron Desert Museum, Jewels of the Night with Chip and Creativity and Composition with Bill Fortney. The picture perfect regions were documented by many who attended the workshops.

Award night honored Micael Peres, RBP, FBPA with the Louis Schmidt Laureate and Bob Turner, RBP, FBPA with the Ralph Creer Service Award. Gabriel Unda, Chip Hedgcock and Charlene Baron were each honored with Fellowship in the BCA for their distinguished contribution to the life sciences.

The task of putting together a meeting that was informative, inspiring and just down right fun was accomplished by the creative work of the BioCommunications planning committee, Tom Bednarek, Jeb Ziratio, Chip Hedgcock, Cliff Pollack and Richard Frederickson. The support of AV team from the University of Arizona Biomedical Communications Department is most appreciated.

A special thank you to our sponsors for their expertise and support: Adobe, Arthropod Studies Institute (SASI), Canfield Imaging Systems, Foundation of the American Society of Media Photographers, Fuji Film, Nikon, Sky-Eye Camera System, Sonoran DigitalDerm, Sappi, Vesalius Trust.

The committee, AV team, sponsors and attendees each contributed to another successful annual meeting. See you all in Rochester, July 2008.