Annual Meeting


BIOCOMM is the annual meeting of the BioCommunications Associations. Held annually in North America, this international meeting includes a packed program of seminars, workshops, a juried media salon, and commercial exhibits to provide attendees with inspiration and the latest information on visual media in the life sciences.

BIOCOMM 2023 | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 16-19, 2023

BIOCOMM 2023, will be held at the Drury Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of the most popular destinations in North America.


The BCA meeting will be held at the historic Drury Plaza Hotel located in the heart of downtown in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Each room reservation includes a full breakfast and Drury's Kickback from 5:30 – 7:00 pm every evening featuring free hot food and cold beverages for guests.

Meeting Registration Rates

Member - $375
Non-Member - $495
Retired/Emeritus - $185
Student/Spouse - $185
Post Conference Workshop - $110

Director of Conferences

If you require additional information about presentations or if you wish to give an online presentation, please download and complete the BIOCOMM 2022 Abstract Form and send to Connie Johansen RBP, FBCA, the Director of Conferences.


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Past Annual Meetings

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2000 - 1990
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2002 Orlando, FL Your Digital Destination
2001 Dallas, TX Wide Open Spaces: Connection for
2000 Rochester, MN Hooked on Creativity
1999 Phoenix, AZ Balancing Silver & Silicon
1998 Portland, ME Integrating Change in Health Care
1997 Reno, NV Exploring the World of Digital Imaging
1996 Milwaukee, WI Catch the Wave
1995 San Antonio, TX Imagination Becomes Reality
1994 Orlando, FL World Congress Biomedical Communications:
Global Images in Health & Science
1993 Stamford, CT Focus on the Future
1992 Portland, OR International Symposium on the
Art & Science of Biocommunications
1991 Tampa, FL Transitions 91
1990 Phoenix, AZ Image 90
1979 - 1970
1979 Kansas City, MO Bio 79
1978 Seattle, WA Biological Conference on Scientific Imaging
1977 Baltimore, MD Focus 77
1976 Las Vegas, NV Bio 76
1975 Phoenix, AZ Image 75
1974 New York, NY New Dimensions in Photography
1973 Richmond, VA Bio 73
1972 Chicago, IL Leon LeBeau
1971 Ottawa, ONT, CA John D. DeBlois
1970 Houston, TX Lynn Baldwin
1959 - 1950
1959 Montreal, ONT, CA Charles P. Hodge
1958 Washington, DC Stephen Dittman
1957 Rochester, MN Lardner A. Coffey
1956 Rochester, NY John J. Beiter
1955 Milwaukee, WI Leo Massopust
1954 Atlantic City, NJ William J. Taylor
1953 Los Angeles, CA W.L.M. Martinsen
1952 New York, NY Percy W. Brooks
1951 Boston, MA Ferdinand Harding
1950 Chicago, IL Ralph Creer
1939 - 1930
1939 Pittsburgh, PA Chester Henry
1938 Philadelphia, PA M.A. Dillman, MD
1937 Rochester, NY William Payne
1936 Boston, MA Ferdinand Harding
1935 Chicago, IL Ralph Creer
1934 New York, NY Louis Schmidt
1933 Rochster, NY Arthur Fuchs
1932 New Haven, CT Ralph Creer
1931 New Haven, CT Ralph Creer
1989 - 1980
1989 St. Louis, MO Convergence 89
1988 Rochester, NY Rochester 88
1987 Ann Arbor, MI Branching Out
1986 Keystone, CO Highpoint 86
1985 Philadelphia, PA Perspective 85
1984 Atlanta, GA Bio 84 - SYNthesis
1983 Dallas, TX Direction 83
1982 San Diego, CA Vision 82
1981 Toronto, ONT, CA Spectrum 81
1980 Boston, MA Boston Eighty
1969 - 1960
1969 Rochester, MN Lardner A. Coffey
1968 Los Angeles, CA Maurice LeCover
1967 Toronto, ONT, CA Marianne G. Gaettens
1966 Lexington, KY F.D. Wallace, W.C. Williams
1965 Philadelphia, PA Richard Matthias
1964 New York, NY Warren Sturgis
1963 Atlanta, GA J. Robert Dant
1962 San Francisco, CA Sam Ehrlich
1961 Chicago, IL Mervin W. LaRue
1960 Salt Lake City, UT Howard Tribe
1949 - 1940
1949 Cleveland, OH David Lubin
1948 Philadelphia, PA H.E. Morton, MD
1947 Rochester, NY Arthur Fuchs
1946 Chicago, IL Jay Gardner, MD
1945 New York, NY Joseph Haulenbeck
1944 Binghamton, NY Lloyd Varden
1943 Princeton, NJ Julian Carlile
1942 New York, NY Joseph Haulenbeck
1941 Buffalo, NY William Payne
1940 Milwaukee, WI Leo Massopust